Animal Adoption

Animal Adoption

Want an amazing and unique gift for an animal lover? Look no further! Become a Zoo Parent.

Our wonderful adoption packages help us continue to carry out vital conservation work and look after and care for our animals.

Did you know that each year our animals eat:

  • 14.8 tons fish
  • 8.5 tons meat
  • 1,309,105 mealworms
  • 36,135 bananas
  • 16,060 oranges
  • 12,045 carrots
  • 9,875 boiled potatoes
  • 19,270 apples

The cost of housing, caring and providing for our animals soon mounts up. Adopting an animal, and your ongoing support, really does make a difference to our Zoo!

The scheme is open to anyone and all adoptions run for 12 months and can be taken out at any time*. The adoption fees are based on the cost of feeding and upkeep of a particular animal for one year. You can adopt an animal completely, by paying the full adoption fee, or share the adoption with others. All animals can be part adopted at a cost of £50. Prices of full animal adoption vary, please enquire for full list of prices. All the animals at the Welsh Mountain Zoo are up for Adoption and they all need ‘ Zoo Parents ‘.

What you get by Adopting

  • A welcome letter
  • An adoption certificate
  • A photograph of the Animal
  • Two complimentary entrance tickets per adoption share
  • Your name on a special plaque on the animal’s enclosure
  • A chance to have a chat with a keeper about your adopted animal (advance booking required)
  • A car window sticker
  • The knowledge that you are playing an important role in the support of wildlife and its conservation.
  • In addition to all this you gain a new member of the family and make a new friend!

For further information please email

Alternatively, you can adopt online, Simply browse our Animals section, and if an animal is available for adoption you will see the ‘Adopt this Animal’ button under the animal's details. Click on it and pay securely via Paypal.

*Please note that during busy periods, Animal Adoptions can take up to 7 working days to be processed, therefore we ask you to bear with us.
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